The Inspiration

children talk to fishPeople always ask me where I got the inspiration to write about the Forgotten Fairies.

Well, I am going to tell you now.

My daughter loves fairies and fairy stories, and she was always asking me to tell her fairy stories at bedtime — which, being a fantastic parent, I did.

But, I got bored telling stories about flower fairies and hummingbird fairies, and eventually came up with the idea of the Forgotten Fairies.

The Forgotten Fairies are the fairies that no one ever talks about even though they are just as important as the fairies that everyone knows about. The sad part is that even among the Fairy World itself, the Forgotten Fairies do not get the respect they deserve.

And so, I began telling my daughter all about the different Forgotten Fairies. She liked the stories so much that she started telling her friends about them. My daughter said her friends thought the stories were “cool.” So, I decided to write some of the stories down to share with the world. I hope you enjoy them!

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